Challenge Coins Made in the USA

Since 1882 Wendell’s Inc. has minted custom high quality Military and Civil Service Challenge Coins which honor the bonds of service and personal sacrifices of our uniformed servicemen and women. Each Challenge Coin is die-struck from quality materials in our facility located in Ramsey, Minnesota. If you would like to have paint applied to your coin we have mastered the painting technique of coins where we can offer designs that can be found nowhere else. Every Challenge Coin which leaves our production line has been crafted by American hands, with pride and respect guiding each project to completion.

Your finished coin will proudly display an edge marked “MADE IN THE USA” followed by our mint mark so that you can be assured of our claims and carry it with pride.

We are proud of the special place the products we produce serve in the honorable legacy of service. Whether in memory of past service or as a commemorative on training graduation, Wendell’s Challenge Coins are our grateful tribute to a proud and honorable tradition.

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