Treatment Centers

Wendell’s, The Originator of the raised center anniversary medallion, offers a wide array of stock medallions for recovery programs. Be proud to carry the original anniversary medallion as a sign of your achievement.

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At Wendell’s, we understand and support the role of treatment centers in the journey to recovery. That’s why we’re the premier provider of custom medallions to the nation’s leading treatment and rehabilitation centers.

Wendell’s Inc. introduced the first raised center anniversary medallion to the recovery market place in 1973 and since then has remained one of the largest manufacturers offering MADE IN THE USA medallions. Medallions are an integral part of the 12 Step Programs symbolizing the effort and sacrifices the recovery person endures walking the path to recovery. 

Our affirmation medallions provide positive message to support your treatment program. And a custom medallion can be used as a symbol of your lifelong, positive relationship to your alumni.

Treatment Center PricingCustom Minting Quote

Create a visual reminder to sustain healthy choices. Contact Wendell’s now to create and customize your treatment coin project. Or give us a call at 

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