Fire Fighter Challenge Coins

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Wendell’s works through the IAFF to support the tradition of Fire Fighters Challenge Coins by creating the finest die struck medallions to be carried as a symbol of honor, partnership and solidarity or to be used to commemorate historical events.

Our custom designed Fire Fighter Challenge Coins are also used to commemorate special events such as anniversaries, honorary, retirement, recognitions and community events.

Wendell’s Fire Fighter Challenge Coins are proudly made in the USA. Wendell’s Inc. is located in Minnesota where we have been doing business since 1882. We support the pride and tradition of today’s Fire Fighters. The team at Wendell’s is ready to assist you through the entire process to assure you receive the finest Challenge Coin on the market today.

International Association of Fire Fighters Challenge Coins

There are three great new options available for International Association of Fire Fighter’s affiliates interested in challenge or commemorative coins.

International Association of Fire Fighters Logo

Stock Tooling ST10
This tooling produces a beautiful challenge coin in bright or antique finish and is available for use by IAFF affiliates as outlined in the IAFF Logo Policy. Wendell’s unique painting process allows you to add color to enhance your coins beauty, as shown on these artist’s renditions.                

International Association of Fire Fighters Logo

Standard Designs SD1, SD2
To assist in the design of a custom logo die two standard designs are available. The first design, SD1, features the IAFF logo at the same size as the stock die while providing copy space inside the coin border to identify the local or the special event being honored with the coin. The second design, SD2, positions the IAFF logo lower within the inner circle and provides additional space for copy, image or a serial number

More Value for the Investment

These tooling and design options offer the IAFF affiliates an opportunity to create custom Challenge Coins or Commemorative Coins with lower set up costs. The use of the IAFF standard tooling is no cost as long as the medallion and its use conform to the IAFF logo use policy. Any project that does not clearly conform to the use policy must be accompanied with approval from the IAFF General President or their designee.

The IAFF standard designs make a great starting point for a custom coin design


L Stock Die L Stock Die Top SD1 SD2
Stock Logo Die ST10 SD1       SD2

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