Promotional Medallions

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Whether it’s sports, academics, business, recognition or for a special event, promotional medallions are a unique reward to celebrate any achievement.

Wendell’s custom minted medallions serve as a memorable centerpiece to any recognition program and will quickly become a new tradition. Personalize and brand your piece with taglines, logos and even faces in a variety of beautiful materials and finishes.

Wendell’s has provided custom coin minting services for more than 100 years. We offer materials and finishes to fit every budget and have the knowledge and superior service to cover all your custom coin needs. And all coins are made in the U.S. A.

Custom Minting Die Struck Coins and Medallions capture the essence of celebration, commemoration and a truly timeless memory. Few products have the lasting quality of metal. A finely crafted medallion is the easiest way to ensure your sentiment will be noticed, carried and treasured for a lifetime.

After assisting you in creating the perfect design our artisans will strike your design in Bronze, Copper, Nickel Plating, NiCodium or Aluminum. We even offer Silver or Gold Plating as well as .999 Fine Silver pieces for your special creation.

Our mint draws great pride from the quality with which we strike each piece of your order. Our time-tested numismatic striking process has been carefully refined, and our customers each have the assurance of our satisfaction guarantee. We fully understand the importance of creating a truly memorable impression and bringing this great importance to your special project. 

Bronze is our most popular base material for custom die-struck medallions. The gold-toned material beautifully emphasizes the subtle variances in impression for any design and can be greater enhanced with any of our finishing options. Bronze projects quality and prestige in every custom minting project.


Custom Minting Catalog Custom Minting Pricing Custom Minting Quote

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