Materials / Finishes

Wendell’s offers materials and finishes to meet your unique needs and budget requirements. Our most popular and requested materials/finishes are:

+ Aluminum
A high-quality, efficient and effective medium for promotional and high-volume needs, aluminum coins are also available in bright color Kalodization in silver, gold, red, blue, green or a natural finish.
+ Kalodized™
An exclusive system developed by Wendell’s to add any desired color to your aluminum medallions.
+ Bronze
Humankind has been minting in bronze for thousands of years because of the metal’s high quality and durability. Bronze works well to highlight intricate designs and sculptured relief and our bronze coins may also be finished in satin or antique to further enhance your imagery.
+ NiCodium™
NiCodium™ has the look of pewter, but is prepared, minted and finished with a proprietary process developed by Wendell’s to provide outstanding quality and value. NiCodium™ is versatile and can be finished in bright, satin and antique finish.
+ Nickel finish
The cool surface coloring of nickel silver finish material adds elegance to your designs. With the beauty of true silver and unique durability, nickel silver is in a class of its own. Nickel silver can be finished in antique, satin or polished to a beautiful shine.
+ Copper
Historically used to wage wars and build empires, copper captures the historic beauty of any design in a rich, warm sunset hue. Few materials can come close to the final product of a copper minted coin.

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